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The hypoglycemic action of sulfonylureas may be potentiated by certain drugs including nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents and other drugs that are highly protein boundsalicylatessulfonamideschloramphenicolprobenecidcoumarinsmonoamine oxidase inhibitorsand beta adrenergic blocking agentsWhen such drugs are administered to a patient receiving MICRONASEthe patient should be observed closely for hypoglycemiaWhen such drugs are withdrawn from a patient receiving MICRONASEthe patient should be observed closely for loss of control.

Allergic skin reactionsegprurituserythemaurticariaand morbilliform or maculopapular eruptions occurred in 1.5of treated patients during clinical trialsThese may be transient and may disappear despite continued use of MICRONASEif skin reactions persistthe drug should be discontinued.

Also watch for signs of blood sugar that is too highhyperglycemiaThese symptoms include increased thirstincreased urinationhungerdry mouthfruity breath odordrowsinessdry skinblurred visionand weight loss.

It may be harder to control your blood sugar when your body is stressedsuch as due to feverinfectioninjuryor surgeryConsult your doctor because this may require a change in your treatment planmedicationsor blood sugar testing.

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