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Long-term use may raise your chance of cancerLymphoma and other cancers have happened in people who take Imuranazathioprine tabletsor drugs like itThis has been deadly in some casesTalk with the doctorA rare type of cancer called hepatosplenic T-cell lymphomaHSTCLhas happened with Imuranazathioprine tabletsThese cases have been deadlyMost of the timethese cases happened in teenagers or young adultsMost of these patients were using Imuranazathioprine tabletsto treat certain types of bowel problems like Crohn disease and ulcerative colitisThis medicine is not approved for use to treat bowel problems like theseTell the doctor if you have ever had any type of cancerTalk with the doctor.

There have been reports of premature birth and low birth weight following maternal exposure to azathioprineparticularly in combination with corticosteroidsThere have also been reports of spontaneous abortion following either maternal or paternal exposure.

Frusemide has been shown to impair the metabolism of azathioprine by human hepatic tissue in vitroThe clinical significance is unknown.

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