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Nexium is manufactured by astrazeneca, and was approved by the fda in 2001.

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Hypersensitivity Reactionssee CONTRAINDICATIONSAcute Interstitial Nephritissee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSClostridium difficile Associated Diarrheasee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSBone Fracturesee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSCutaneous and Systemic Lupus Erythematosussee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSCyanocobalaminVitamin B-12Deficiencysee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSHypomagnesemiasee WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONSDrug Interactions Advise patients to let you know if they are takingor begin takingother medicationsbecause NEXIUM can interfere with antiretroviral drugs and drugs that are affected by gastric pH changessee DRUG INTERACTIONS

A preand postnatal development study in rats with esomeprazole strontiumusing equimolar doses compared to esomeprazole magnesium studyproduced similar results in dams and pups as described above.

For patients who have a nasogastric or gastric tube in placeNEXIUM For Delayed-Release Oral Suspension can be administered as follows:

NEXIUM is supplied as delayed-release capsules for oral administration or in packets for preparation of delayed-release oral suspensionsThe recommended dosages are outlined in Table 1NEXIUM should be taken at least one hour before meals.

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by working with astrazeneca to potentially offer an over-the-counter version of nexium, a brand people know and trust, we are taking another crucial step to empower consumers by providing convenient access to important health care products.