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This product is composed of the progestogen CPA and the oestrogen EE and is administered for 21 days of a monthly cycleIt has a similar composition to that of a COC.

Numerous epidemiological studies have been reported on the risks of ovarianendometrialcervical and breast cancer in women using COCsThe evidence is clear that high dose COCs offer substantial protection against both ovarian and endometrial cancerHoweverit is not clear whether low dose COCs or CPA+EE confer protective effects to the same level.

After pregnancyGINETTE 35 can be started 21 days after a vaginal deliveryprovided that the patient is fully ambulant and there are no puerperal complicationsAdditional contraceptive precautions will be required for the first 7 days of tablet takingSince the first postpartum ovulation may precede the first bleedinganother method of contraception should be used in the interval between childbirth and the first course of tabletsLactation is contraindicated with GINETTE 35After a first trimester abortionGINETTE 35 may be started immediatelyin which case no additional contraceptive precautions are required.

Vomiting or diarrhoea may reduce the efficacy of oral contraceptives by preventing full absorptionTablets from the current pack should be continuedAdditional non-hormonal methods of contraceptionexcept the rhythm or temperature methodsshould be used during the gastrointestinal upset and for 7 days following the upsetIf these 7 days overrun the end of a packthe next pack should be started without a breakIn this situationa withdrawal bleed should not be expected until the end of the second packIf the patient does not have a withdrawal bleed during the tablet-free interval following the end of the second packthe possibility of pregnancy must be ruled out before starting the next packOther methods of contraception should be considered if the gastrointestinal disorder is likely to be prolonged.

If it’s not suiting uU can change to krimson 35 or dronisThey r better tolerated.

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