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It is considered the successor to the drug celexa in that it contains only the active s-stereoisomer.

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dry mouth, nausea, and drowsiness are common side effects that have been reported with celexa.

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in 2012, the fda said that celexa is not recommended at doses greater than 20 mg a day in patients older than 60.

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a study linking the use of ssris and birth heart defects published in the american journal of nursing january 2010 volume 110 issue 1 fount that newborns of mother that had used zoloft along with celexa, another ssri drug, faced a greater risk of developing septal defects in the heart.

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unlikely not if you take the dose you are prescribed and it is a proper dose celexa citalopram up to 40mg and promethazine up to 100mg day you can get side effects such as sedation.

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