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No clinical data availableDue to the metabolic pathway of raltegravir no interaction is expected.

OsteonecrosisAlthough the etiology is considered to be multifactorialincluding corticosteroid usealcohol consumptionsevere immunosuppressionhigher body mass indexcases of osteonecrosis have been reported particularly in patients with advanced HIV-disease and/or long-term exposure to combination antiretroviral therapyCARTPatients should be advised to seek medical advice if they experience joint aches and painjoint stiffness or difficulty in movement.

It is not recommended to coadminister boceprevir and Viramunesee section 4.4

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do not increase viramune dose if a patient experiences mild to moderate rash without constitutional symptoms during the 14-day lead-in period of 200 mg day 150 mg m day in pediatric patients until the rash has resolved see warnings and precautions .