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For patients in clinical trials that were treated with ribavirinside effects included:

For more information on the medications that are taken with ribavirinsee the drug fact sheets by clicking on the drug name.

Some people who have low levels of red blood cells and/or iron in the bloodanemiahave developed heart problemsincluding heart attackswhen they used ribavirinIf you experience painpressureburning or heaviness in the chestsweatingtrouble breathinglight-headedness or discomfort in your upper bodyseek medical attention immediately.

When taken by itselfribavirin is a weak drugHoweverwhen taken together with other medications the combination is powerful.

This is because ribavirin can severely damage the fetusPregnancy should not be planned while you or your partner are on this therapyIf you are planning to have a babyyou should wait six months after therapy has been stoppedRibavirin can also be toxic to sperm.

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