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As with other ACE inhibitorslisinopril may be less effective in lowering blood pressure in black patients than in non-black patientspossibly because of a higher prevalence of low-renin states in the black hypertensive population.

Cough has been reported with the use of ACE inhibitorsCharacteristicallythe cough is non-productivepersistent and resolves after discontinuation of therapyACE inhibitor-induced cough should be considered as part of the differential diagnosis of cough.

Treatment with a thiazide diuretic may impair glucose toleranceThis phenomenon appeared to be more likely to occur during the first weeks of combination treatment and in patients with renal impairmentOther antidiabetic drugs including insulin requirements in diabetic patients may be increaseddecreasedor unchanged.

If you are not sure if any of the above applies to youtalk to your doctor or pharmacist before taking Zestoretic.

In patients with heart failurehypotension following the initiation of therapy with ACE inhibitors may lead to some further impairment in renal functionAcute renal failureusually reversiblehas been reported in this situation.

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