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Pubmedview articlegoogle scholar padi ss, kulkarni sk minocycline prevents the development of neuropathic pain, but not acute pain possible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant mechanisms.

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UsesFor the treatment of skin and skin structure infections due to S aureus when bacteriologic testing shows suitable susceptibility to this drugfor the treatment of infections due to M marinum.

UsesFor the treatment of the following infectionsRocky Mountain spotted fevertyphus fevertyphus groupQ feverrickettsialpoxtick fevers due to rickettsiaerespiratory tract infections due to M pneumoniaelymphogranuloma venereumtrachomaor inclusion conjunctivitis due to C trachomatispsittacosisornithosisdue to C psittacirelapsing fever due to B recurrentisplague due to Y pestistularemia due to F tularensischolera due to V choleraeC fetus infectionsbrucellosis due to Brucella speciesbartonellosis due to B bacilliformisgranuloma inguinale due to K granulomatisFor the treatment of infections due to the following bacteria when bacteriologic testing shows suitable susceptibility to this drugE coliE aerogenesShigella speciesAcinetobacter speciesrespiratory tract infections due to H influenzaerespiratory tract and urinary tract infections due to Klebsiella speciesupper respiratory tract infections due to S pneumoniaeWhen penicillin is contraindicatedas an alternative agent for the treatment of the following infectionsSyphilis due to T pallidum subspecies pallidumyaws due to T pallidum subspecies pertenuelisteriosis due to L monocytogenesanthrax due to B anthracisVincent’s infection due to F fusiformeactinomycosis due to A israeliiclostridial infectionsAs adjunctive therapy forAcute intestinal amebiasissevere acne.

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1 by the end of therapy in the nb-uvb and minocycline groups retrospectively .