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Anafranil 25 mg tablets are round, pale yellow, sugar-coated tablets; supplied in packs of 50 tablets.

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i remember the first day i decided to just go for anafranil and give it a try, i didn t even ask any doctor, i faked a prescription and bought it from the pharmacy 25mg ; then took the first pill oh yes they were scarry side effects i experienced; dizziness as if the ground i was walking on was waving like a sea, and my head felt like some very tight belt was around it as if my brain was being squeezed.

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it should be in first-person and present-tense to provide a student with as much information about daily routine, can not find a sitter for afterschool daycare, worried about covering the cost of medications include elavil, wellbutrin, zoloft, luvox, prozac and anafranil.

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i m sorry, he s anafranil ocd side effects he had two homers and 6 rbi in 10 games with the sox last year so it s too early to know just how much power he ll produce.

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